Senior & Family Portraits that make you feel like Rockstars


I'd like to think that Senior Portraits as well as family portraits have a come a long way since my Senior Portraits where taken ... A LONG LONG WAY ... click here for an example from my youth. My goal with with every Senior Portrait session, Family Portrait session, and really any other Portrait session I'm shooting, is to create the cool, the chic, the awesome... I want my clients to feel like ROCKSTARS in their own way. 


My photography roots are "Industry" based. I spent years working with actors and models and musicians doing everything from shooting editorials for magazines to helping the talent create their own marketing materials. This is what I know and love. I've even worked for years on a magazine where were take everyday heroes and put them through a high end editorial shoot and watching them light up from the experience is simply beautiful. This is what I want for all my clients.