Getting to the heart of it...

On my last trip to Los Angeles to do headshots I was given the privilege to shoot with Lee. We went through all the standard elements of getting a great headshot. We shot killer commercial and theatrical headshots and then got the my favorite part, developing characters. As we were wrapping up the shoot I picked up a black shirt that was lying there and mentions we should shoot it and get more of an edgier character. To which he replied "thats for a priest look and I also have the white collar." This was going to be awesome. So we got to photographing the priest:

IMAGE by Shaun Anders Headshot Photography
IMAGE by Shaun Anders Headshot Photography

Now this is the thing I love about what I do. You can see we portray two very different characters. First we have a warm and friendly priest; then with just a few subtle changes with my lighting and working with Lee to draw out different elements of character, the priest then becomes the villain of the horror movie Silver Bullet. This is what makes a great headshot. Thanks again Lee for choosing IMAGE to work with you for something so important in your career. It is such a huge honor my friend. 

Hope you all enjoy- 


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