One of my favorite Headshot session...

In a changing time when your IMAGE as an actor has become more important than ever, it's incredibly important I think to try and stay one or two steps ahead of the game. That being said the process for how I have been creating Headshots for the my clients in LA, Salt Lake City and Park City continues to evolve. I use to love the phrase it was the essence of the actor that we should capture to help sell them... However as of late that has started to mean something very different to me. It's no longer just the blank slate or the white wall of the actor that a great headshot should represent, but rather a look at their depth, what and who they are as talent. The days of the one goto headshot are coming to an end and so it's with great pleasure I am sharing some of my favorite shots from Krystal's shoot... There is a body of work here showing what she can and will be great at. Enjoy ! :) 

If you are in need some some new headshots or just want something cool as a portrait for all your social media, we are now booking spots for Aug. 


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