Hi... I’m Shaun Anders and I specialize in Headshots and Commercial photography… Whether that’s acting headshots to promote your business in the entertainment industry, or professional portraits for your company website or other promotional materials, or making your products pop off the page… then I’m your guy.

If you are looking for someone to take your family portraits, or shoot your maternity session or your newborn baby… I am most likely not your guy.  (Though I do shoot weddings… see here)

Five important facts about me:

1.     I am a family man true and true… I am married to my best friend and she is the secret to my success. I am sure my path would have been 100 times harder without her encouragement and sacrifice. Being a dad is a lifetime of joy and my two youngest are often at the studio with me being boys, charming and funny (as soon as the shyness wears off)

2.     I am naturally upbeat and fun (living your dreams in the real world can have that affect on a person)

3.     Yes, I like the toe shoes… they are comfy and a great conversation piece. 

4.     My favorite food is pudding (all flavors) and I treat myself to it almost every night before bed.

5.     Oh, and I’m a hugger.

The truth of the matter is this… I love what I do and am passionate about it. It’s an awesome responsibility to help my clients move in the right direction for their business; and that's what keeps me motivated to be the best in my industry.  The world is changing so fast and it’s never been more important to be current in it.

If there is anything else you want to know, just ask… I have always had an open door policy…  


The Fam

©2019 Shaun Anders